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A roundup of my most-read newsletters over the past couple years (in case you missed any)

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I’m on vacation this week, so I thought I’d put together a short list of my most-read newsletters from the past couple years here on Substack. (Wow, has it really been that long on Substack? Time flies …)

Big welcome to all the new joiners in the past couple weeks, and big thank yous to those who have been subscribing for even longer.

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1. Brand Strategy Playbook

The core foundation of a brand strategy is three Ps of branding: purpose, positioning, and personality. These brand decisions should be made company-wide, not exclusively within marketing. Marketers can then take this brand direction and go do great work.

2. First 90 Days

For instance, in an ideal world, you’re spending most of your time on development and experimentation. But you can’t do that until your foundation is solid and things aren’t on fire.

3. Product Marketing Playbook

A great product marketer can cover a vast array of different areas (critical business ones, at that) and can flex into a number of needs, be it strategic or tactical. If you’re going to hire your first marketer or a broad-impact marketer, then hire a PMM (product marketing manager).

4. Moving On

When you’re at a job you love, I think it takes multiple factors to leave: you’re seeing the same challenges again and again or you’re itching for new achievements or you can no longer picture your future growth … or maybe all three.

5. Why Squarespace

Whether it’s Squarespace or WordPress or any other website maker out there, I can highly encourage you: Get yourself a website, make it beautiful, own your story, and show off your best stuff.

6. Strategy — Highlights from the book Playing to Win

7. Monetize — Monetization as a growth strategy

8. Competitors and/or alternatives

9. Obsessed

10. The new career curve

And a personal favorite (that not too many people opened, haha): Forward →

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