374 free templates for marketing

Plus the best Covid landing page yet and advice on Slack emoji

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374 free templates for marketing

by Hiten Shah and Marie Prokopets, FYI

I return to this list often, whenever I’m in need of a template for a new task or looking for inspiration. Gratefully, several Buffer resources are linked here, too, in case you’re curious about some of the templates we use to get work done.


One of the best Covid pages I’ve seen

by Figma

Almost every SaaS business has some sort of Covid relief banner on their homepage, linking to a landing page all about the ways they’re helping customers. I love Figma’s approach. It’s empathetic, warm, and thoughtful. It’s not a derivative of “we’re here for you.” It doesn’t even use the word “Covid.”

Here’s the landing page (screenshot above). And below is the homepage with the banner across the top.

Speaking of Figma, their CEO and co-founder, Dylan Field, is sharing pieces of the company’s founding story on LinkedIn.

Slack emoji dictionary

via First Round, Twitter

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