A gallery of pricing 🖼

Notes on personas, economics, and all the different ways to price a software product

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This week’s newsletter goes strong on pricing. We’ve been talking a lot about pricing internally at Buffer, so I thought I’d share a few of the resources that have been on my brain. If there are any favorite pricing resources you might know and love, I’d be so appreciative to hear about them.

~ Kevan

Why we all need quantified buyer personas

by Patrick Campbell, Price Intelligently

Most teams know the value of having buyer personas. But most teams don’t take the personas far enough. This article shows a blueprint for adding on layers of actionable data and pricing information that will help take your personas from this:

via MailChimp

to this:

via Price Intelligently

Bonus content: The team at Price Intelligently also did a breakdown of Buffer’s pricing versus Sprout Social’s pricing.

Monetizing Innovation (my favorite book on pricing)

by Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke

This book touches on high-level pricing strategies as well as tactical advice on how to conduct research and position your product. One of the most interesting pieces of advice:

To boil it down, these companies conduct product development this way: They design, then build, then market, then price.
What we will teach you in this book is to flip that process on its head: Market and price, then design, then build.

❷ Gallery of SaaS pricing examples

I spent some time gathering examples of different SaaS pricing models, and boy are there a lot. Plus, look how different they all are!

Basecamp Business

1 plan, $99/mo


4 plans, plus a la carte features


4 different products with multiple plans, plus bundles


3 plans


3-ish plans



Monthly pricing, plus a Lifetime Access pass 💯


Multiple products, multiple plans


Per-user pricing

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week!

— Kevan

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