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This week, we kicked off a new first social media live session series, talking about the strategies that are working on social media right now. You can check out the slides below or rewatch the session replay here.

The title of the session, “How to Adapt Your Social Media Strategy,” came about from a quick messaging test we ran over the past few days. We wanted to find out what words and feelings most resonated with people right now. So we spent $200 in LinkedIn ads to test some variations.

The winner: “How to adapt…”

I’m not sure if this messaging resonates with you and your team / business at the moment, but I found something very human, authentic, and inspiring in this. People are keen to figure this out, to adapt, and to thrive (the best we can).

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Enjoy this week’s links and ideas below!

~ Kevan

Software product discounts to help during COVID

by Adrian van Rossum, Simple Analytics

A collection of SaaS products that are offering discounts and special savings for businesses affected by covid-19. There’s a lot of good and generous stuff here, whether you’re needing more marketing support or more budget relief. Here are some notable deals:

  • Mailchimp - 3 months free for small businesses

  • Asana - 1 year free for nonprofits

  • Atlassian Cloud - Free access to Trello, Jira, Opsgenie, Confluence and Bitbucket

  • Loom - removing limits for free plans, decreasing cost of paid plans, increase in trial length

  • Shopify - various offerings, including a 90-day free trial

  • Modern Health - free mental wellness resources

  • Tettra - free access

How startups are responding to covid-19

by Julian Shapiro, Demand Curve

The Demand Curve newsletter shared some of the marketing and growth tactics that its startup community has been using over the past weeks. Here are some highlights:

Lattice (people management software)

  • Pushing all outdoor ads to the fall

  • Reducing budgets by 5-10%

HeySavvy (interactive call-to-action software)

  • Expecting to see multiple waves of change over the next months, with a clear “action” and “rebound” point at each stage (think: slinky)

  • Switching acquisition efforts to lower-cost and education-based, e.g. webinars.

  • Moved 1/3 of marketing resources to customer success

  • Employees spend 20% of their time sewing masks

Close (sales CRM)

  • Paused all drip email campaigns and replaced them with a new email sequence that speaks to the current state of things

Draftbit (visual app builder)

  • For teammates … reimbursing Instacart fees, reimbursing mental health services

Pearmill (performance marketing agency)

  • B2B clients are cutting ad spend and working on content instead

  • B2B clients are working on existing audiences rather than looking to grow brand new leads

Every remote work tool imaginable (in case you need one now)

by Holloway

You probably have much of your Work From Home stack figured out by now. But if there are any gaps you’re feeling — or areas you want to explore — this huge list from Holloway could inspire.

The list is part of Holloway’s recent book about remote work, which was authored by my teammate and friend Katie Womersley. If you buy the book through this tools page, you can get $10 off. :)


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