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This month's picks lean a bit heavily on the marketing side (we've been deep in marketing strategy for the past few weeks). If you've read any good management articles, please do pass them along. I'd love to see them.

A special thank you to everyone who has been part of this email list this year. It's been a pleasure connecting with you, sharing with you, and hearing from you.

Wishing you a very happy December!
— Kevan


How your Instagram Explore tab works

Based on a blog post from Facebook itself, this article from TechCrunch breaks down the Instagram algorithm on the Explore tab and how it chooses what to show & when.

Why we love "X for Y" startups

Fascinating insight on new startup ideas (coupled with the clever, spot-on graphic below).

Funny and accurate chart of startup ideas, created by Michelle Rial of BuzzFeed

The new dot-com bubble is online advertising

This article got a LOT of attention in marketing circles last month. It was rather polarizing: some people agreed, many others did not. (For the record, I didn't agree.) What do you think?

The difference between vertical and horizontal SaaS

Useful distinction for anyone who's thinking about product positioning (like we are at Buffer).

If TikTok won't pay its influencers, then perhaps marketers will

This might be a bit too niche to resonate, but I sure found it interesting. It's a classic example of marketers making the most of an underutilized resource and finding a market gap to capitalize on.


The company that wants higher, not lower, employee turnover

Turnover can be a good thing.


100 Notable Books of 2019

So many good books in this list from The New York Times. I've read American Spy, Fleishman Is In Trouble, Good Talk, Normal People, and Nothing to See Here.

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