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What "GTM strategy" means in practice, plus copywriting tips and how streaming is changing

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Here are three things that I’ve been reading and reflecting on this week.

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What a go-to-market strategy looks like

by Jory MacKay, Planio

I hear people say go-to-market strategy (GTM) all the time, but it seems to mean any number of things: marketing strategy, channel strategy, launch plan, etc. It is a catchall. So that’s why I’ve found myself coming back to this article at Planio that breaks GTM down into succinct and clear parts.

Here’s the free template if you want to see a GTM plan in specifics.

How streaming has changed

by the Spotify Ad Studio team

Spotify loves data. So it makes sense that their business content is chock full of data-backed insights. I enjoy reading their articles because they are a good snapshot of consumer behavior (286 million users). Here’s what consumers are into at the moment:

  • In the past few weeks, more people have been listening to podcasts in the Health & Fitness and Lifestyle & Health categories, and have been creating more of their own workout playlists, too. When it comes to playlists, listeners are creating and following more workout playlists than they were a month ago, and streams of running, yoga, nature sounds, and meditation playlists are up.

  • “Chill” tracks are seeing more rotation in listeners’ playlists, meaning songs that are more acoustic, less danceable, and have lower energy than songs previously added, with more focus on instrumentals rather than vocals.

For instance, here’s a chill playlist:

17 tips for great copywriting

by Harry Dry, Marketing Examples

This collection of copywriting tips is smart, quick, and extremely easy to implement. I love how each of the examples shows a “Do This” and a “Not That.” Makes me want to go update everything I’ve ever written on a webpage.


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