How do you spell Gyllenhaal?

Notes on data visualization, management psychology, and objective-setting

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Here are three things I’ve found inspiring or helpful in recent days.
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For fun: The Gyllenhaal Experiment

by The Pudding

This website has very little to do with marketing but a TON to do with awesome data visualization. On this page, you can see all the various permutations of how people spell celebrity names. The visualizations are perfect. It gets my brain churning on how I could bring similarly awesome data viz into the content we product at Buffer.

The psychology of people management

by Kevan (me) :)

I was preparing for a course I’m teaching on remote team management, and I found myself referencing this blog post a lot. I can’t take much credit for the ideas in here, but hopefully you’ll find the collection of resources, links, and research inside to be valuable for you and your team.


  • Three traits of cohesive teams

  • Mistaken goals chart

  • Gallup Q12

The ways we learn

by Brett Bixler (via CXL)

This PDF contains a handful of research-backed takeaways for learning: the various types and styles, how to format a lesson to suit an audience, and how to use action verbs to engage.

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