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How to Thrive in Undefined Roles

by Casey Winters, Eventbrite

Undefined roles -- and the people with the talent and humility to fill them -- can be the secret to effective teams. This post from Casey winters touches on the sweet spot of these roles and the two essential elements to make them work: Get a senior leader to sponsor the work and approach the situation with humility.

What's the Big IdeaL? Try this Brand Exercise from Ogilvy

by Ogilvy, Slideshare

Click above to get the slides from Ogilvy

We've begun this brand exercise at Buffer, thanks to a tip from the team at Wistia. The end result should be a statement along the lines of:

"[Brand name] believes the world would be a better place if [blank]."

My best of 2019

by Kevan Lee (me!)

Here's a look back at some of my favorite books, podcasts, and articles from the previous year. Highlights include: Alchemy (book), Longform (podcast), and The Information Diet (article.)

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