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Best New Marketing Jobs

Check out these remote-first marketing roles. Let me know if I can help make any connections for you.

I make a habit of checking remote job boards regularly. I learn a lot from these boards, like under-the-radar marketing trends (remember the rise of the growth editor?) and inspiration on how to craft job descriptions for my team. I even share listings with the people I manage, to give them a picture of what to aim for next in their careers.

Among my favorite websites are Angel List, We Work Remotely, and Here are some neat roles I’ve come across in the past month:

These are the best new products of the year

Plus, everything I loved from Product Hunt in 2019

Every year around this time, Product Hunt announces its Golden Kitty awards, which highlight the top products across a variety of categories in the past year. It’s like the Oscars but for makers.

Here are some of their top picks for 2019. Did you love any of these products?

🥇Product of the YearApple AirPods Pro

🥈 2nd Place: Clockwise — an AI calendar assistant

🥉 3rd Place: Disney+

  • Social Impact Product of the Year
    Wren: calculate your carbon footprint

  • Diversity and Inclusion Product of the Year:
    Elpha: online community for women in tech

  • Fintech Product of the Year: 
    Predicto: predict sports scores, crypto prices, and more

  • AI and Machine Learning Product of the Year:
    FaceMaze: detect, crop, and filter faces in an image

  • Remote Work Tool of the Year
    Nomad List 5.0: recommendations for where to work remotely

  • Audio and Voice Product of the Year
    Descript Podcast Studio: Podcast editing tool. You edit your podcast by editing the text

  • Augmented Reality Product of the Year: 
    Wanna Kicks: see new shoes on your feet

And their picks for products that no longer exist:

💀 Product Memoriam Winner: Inbox by Google

🥈 2nd Place: Wunderlist

🥉 3rd Place: MoviePass

I love checking out Product Hunt, and I’ve cast my fair share of votes over the past year. Looking back at my vote history, here are some of the products I loved in 2019:

Kampsite — Start building features your customers actually want

Tesla Cybertruck — A futuristic electric pickup from Tesla

Trace by Sticker Mule — Remove the background from any image for free

Previewmojo — Auto-generate social media preview images

Fathom Analytics v2 — Simple & private analytics for bloggers and businesses

Ghost 3.0 — A new business model for publishing

Full Page Screen Capture — Generates a full-length web page screenshot

Instagram Stories Scheduling from Buffer — Plan, preview, and schedule Instagram Stories from within Buffer

Buttsss — A collection of rear end illustrations

SquareDude — A square-sized photo editor

Buffer Analyze — Facebook and Instagram analytics

Revive — Find content decay and win back traffic

Impresso — Create beautiful promotional social videos with your phone

PHOTOMOSH — Vaporware art

Are you on Product Hunt? Drop your username in the comments or hit reply, and we can follow one another! 😊

Amazing newsletters I can recommend

We are in the golden age of newsletters. Here are a few favorites.

We re-posted an article on the Buffer blog this week about the best newsletters for 2020, and it got me thinking about my favorite ones. Here’s a short list of some great ones I subscribe to or I’ve heard about:

  • Dense Discovery: a collection of links for digital workers to help them stay positive, think critically, and discover new inspiration

  • Jacuzzi Club: a curated list of top links from Jacuzzi Club’s brand community (you might recall I featured this newsletter in last week’s issue)


Brand-building and DTC companies:


Book recommendations:

And a couple of favorite newsletters made by readers of my email:

If you’re running a newsletter of your own, I’d love to know about it! Feel free to reply or add a comment to this week’s email on Substack.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week!

— Kevan