Reading challenge 2020

Hi there 👋

I wanted to tell you about a new reading challenge I'm starting in the new year.

(And see if you wanted to join.) 😊

I'd like to read a wider variety of business books and to stretch myself to learn new things and see new perspectives. As such, I'm kicking off a 2020 Business Book Reading Challenge!

12 books total.

Across 12 categories.

With six bonus qualities to look for among the books I choose.

The premise is exactly like Book Riot's Read Harder challenge or Pop Sugar's reading challenge, only with business books. Here are the 12 categories I've chosen:

  1. Business book best-seller

  2. Biography of a business leader

  3. On branding

  4. On strategy

  5. On business models

  6. On pricing

  7. On marketing or advertising

  8. On management or leadership

  9. Writing and communications

  10. Investigative journalism

  11. Economics

  12. A founding story

Additionally, I want to make sure that I read from a wide variety of sources and perspectives. So while I'm choosing books in the categories above, I'll also see if any of those books match the six qualities below.

  1. Female author

  2. Author from an underrepresented group

  3. Published by an independent book publisher or self-published

  4. No colon in the title (no subtitle)

  5. First published in the 1990s or earlier

  6. Found at the local library

If you have any recommendations from any of the lists above, please do let me know.

And if you want to join me on this challenge, I'd love the company. I'll do my best to update my reading progress throughout the year on this email list and on Twitter / Instagram. Feel free to reply or give me an @mention to share your updates, too.

Happy holidays,

P.S. If you know someone who might enjoy a challenge like this, feel free to forward this email or have them check out the blog post. Thanks, and happy reading!