The shape of recovery

The difference between V-shape and L-shape, the volatility of e-commerce, and the virtue of intentionally small communities

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Here are three things that I found interesting over the past week. What have you been reading or noticing? I’d love to hear from you. You can reply directly or email me at anytime. Thanks, and best wishes for a positive week!

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1. Will recovery be V-shaped, U-shaped, or L-shaped?

from the team at Argyle

Companies seem split on whether economic recovery will happen in the third quarter of this year (July, August, September) or if recovery will extend into 2021. At Buffer, we’re making plans for either scenario.

2. Everything you wanted to know about the state of e-commerce

from Within

Within has put together this incredible microsite using data from its retail clients to show how e-commerce is performing across a variety of channels and verticals. Plus, if you keep scrolling, there’s a daily update of what retail teams are thinking about and planning for right now. It’s fascinating stuff.

3. When an online community reaches its limit

from David Sherry, Art $ Attention

People are wanting more private spaces to hang out, and that privacy is broken after you cross about 100 people in any group, and maybe even less than that.

One of the best groups I’m in is ~30 people. The signal quality and closeness are huge.

Another 40 or 50 people and I think it’d lose its feel.

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