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World 2.0, retention in the time of covid, and how Figma wins

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I hope you have a good week ahead. Hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year already (and on the other hand, January feels like forever ago). We’re doing OKRs again at Buffer. I’m deep into planning mode. Happy to share with you what we end up with next week.

~ Kevan

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World 2.0 Startups

by Daniel Gross

Many of today’s best tech products are evolutions from previous formats, e.g. encyclopedias to Britannica CDs to Wikipedia. These new products have a few things in common: collaboration, breadth, and affordability. Even cooler, there are still many, many opportunities out there for building …

Why Figma Wins

by Kevin Kwok

Wonderful story about the growth of Figma, one of the best design tools out there and one of the most innovative products and growth models. My mind is buzzing with ways to bring some of these learnings into Buffer.

Retention in the times of COVID

by Brian Balfour and Fareed Mosavat, Reforge

This article breaks down retention strategies based on how covid has affected your business model and the business model of your customers. There are custom strategies for companies that have been pinched by covid, boosted by covid, and those in the middle.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week!

— Kevan

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